Thanks for shopping at Curly’s Ag.

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help.


Unfortunately, we don’t accept returns because of change of mind. So we kindly ask to make your mind up before purchasing. If you are not sure if our tools are the right choice for you, and fit for your purpose, contact us with any questions you may have . We are happy to assist and advise according to your particular need and circumstances.

We only accept returns of defective products. Keep reading the next section for more information.

Defective products

You have 30 calendar days from the date of receiving your purchase to inform us of a defective item. So open the box straight away.

You’ll need to send us clear descriptions and photos of any defective part and of the item as a whole for us to make an assessment of the issue.

If only some parts are defective:
We will replace any defective parts at our own cost so you can enjoy your new tool as soon as possible.

If the entire tool is defective:
Depending on the circumstances (such as your location, whether we can repair or restore) we might ask you to send the item back to us or to discard it. In either case we will send a replacement at Curly’s Ag cost.

If the item is defective but you decide you do not want it replaced by Curly’s Ag, we’ll only refund the cost of the machine itself. This means we will not refund you the shipping costs paid for the item you have purchased.

If it turns out that the machine was not defective at all Curly’s Ag will only refund 50% of the original cost of the machine. So be sure to call us and work through the issue with us before you decide to return an item.

Once we receive your item, we will inspect it and notify you that we have received your returned item. Curly’s Ag will immediately notify you regarding the status of your refund after inspecting the item.

If your return is approved, we will initiate a refund to your credit card (or original method of payment).

The time within which the credit is received depends on your card issuer’s or bank’s procedures.

Cancelled Orders

We dispatch our orders every Monday and Thursday, if you cancel your order before the goods are dispatched, you may be eligable for a refund less the fees and charges from bank or online payment platform transactions. (usually between 2-3.5%).

Damaged goods during transport.

Curly’s Ag takes good care to package goods appropriately for transport but sometimes accidents occur.

Curly’s Ag is not liable for damages caused during transit of goods, unless the customer specifically requests transit insurance (in which case the carrier’s are liable).  Written notice is required within 7 days if damage occurs.  

We will require clear description and pictures of the damage and/or the whole order as you received it. If packaging appears damaged, take a photo before opening.

In the case of transpoting goods yourself, Curly’s Ag will NOT accept liability once goods have left our premises.

If parts are missing or lost during transport or if parts are damaged and not usable, we will replace them at Curly’s Ag cost ensuring you can enjoy your new tool as soon as possible.

If the damage sustained in transport does not impact the functioning of the tool, we may negotiate compensation. We kindly appreciate your understanding for things that are out of our control.

Dispatch errors

You have 7 calendar days from the date of delivery to inform us of wrong dispatch.

If  Curly’s Ag sends the wrong product we will require you return the goods. We will dispatch your correct order at Curly’s Ag cost, immediately the goods are received.

If some parts are missing, Curly’s Ag will supply these at our cost.


If you need any parts to be replaced, contact us. If damage results from a design issue, we will replace it, and we want to know to improve our product. If damage results from misuse or an accident on your side, we provide a quote for the replacement part only plus the shipping cost.

For older models we may not always be able to offer replacements, however we’ll try our best. We may offer a discounted update to newer models so you can keep enjoying your tools.

Cost Incurred

Although we strive to send replacement parts as soon as possible, we will not be held liable for any costs of work held up, or any other cost due to postage delays of replacement parts, as these times are out of our control.

Operation of our products

If you have any concerns or questions when using our tools, we kindly offer our experience and advice on best operation practices for your circumstances.

We are constantly re-thinking and improving our designs so we truly value and appreciate your feedback.

Customer relationship

At Curly’s Ag, we understand that there is a certain degree of education and learning processes that our customers need to go through to get the most of our innovative, new-to-the-market products.

This is why we always try to answer our customers in a promptly and kindly manner, and we are always happy to improve and nurture our relationship with our customers.

However, we are people just like you. In the case that anyone from the Curly’s Ag team was to experience inappropiate conduct or abusive behaivour from the customer, we reserve the right to cut comunications and void product warranties to that particular customer.

Remote support

While we are happy to send our products worldwide, being a small family business means we are only able to offer our support remotely. This may include advise on how to use our products, help with assembly and assistance with replacements or repairs. While we strive to be always open to comunicate with our customers and guide them as necessary, customers may be required to conduct repairs themselves under our guidance.

Declaration of intentions – our goal

In any case, Curly’s Ag will endeavour to assist and/or replace what’s necessary so you can have success with using the equipment and be satisfied with your purchase.

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