Microgreen Seeder Blank

AUD $110.00

8mm hole seeder blank for microgreens.


8mm hole seeder blank for microgreens.


Clear acrylic sheet (Perspex). Designed and manufactured in Australia.


The Microgreen seeder allows even spread of your microgreen seeds over your tray surface in just a few seconds. The benefit over seeding by hand is that you save time and achieve improved and even across the growing surface. This means your microgreens will grow better due to even penetration of air and sunlight to all plants during growing.

Its 8mm holes enable use with a variety of seeds for even sewing. Coverage can be increased by repetition of the seeding process, slightly adjusting left, right, up and/or down until desired surface coverage is achieved.

This Blank fits into the Microgreen seeder which is also used for the paperpot transplant system with different sized hole blanks.


  • Clear acrylic Seeder Blank
  • 264 holes of 8mm diameter
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia


  • One Microgreen Seeder Blank (8mm holes).


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