Incinerator Multi: Most Powerful Australian Made Flame Blade Weed Burner

AUD $850.00

The most versatile and cost effective Flame Weeder on the market.

Three possible wheel set ups included.


This blade flame weeder with swivel head covers anything from 50mm to 750mm wide.
It is the most versatile and cost effective Flame Weeder on the market.


Made mainly of stainless steel for abrasion resistance and durability, the blade flame weeder is designed and manufactured in Australia.


Our Incinerator Multi has the versatility enabling it to cover from the width of a 750mm burn right down to a 50mm burn, with our world-first swivel head.

This allows for excellent manoeuvrability and a wide variety of applications from gardening to tidying path edges, under fences, around orchards or anything in between.

Both the width coverage and the flame angle are adjustable. The length of the flame head is 700mm long, 100mm high and 30mm wide.

Employing the accuracy of laser technology, we have developed a tubular all-in-one burner-injector construction which creates a straight blade of flame that incinerates everything in its path. This is the secret to its efficiency which makes weeding a pleasure.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Works with any standard LPG bottle
  • Designed to cover anything from 50mm to 750 mm wide
  • Pivot and swivel head allows user to adjust width and angle of flame.
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia.
  • The dimensions with the axle extension is 98.5cm (38.7 inches approx.) centre to centre.


2021 model:

  • One Incinerator Multi
  • Two wheels
  • One 4m hose
  • One gas bottle adaptor
  • One igniter

2022 model:

  • One Incinerator Multi
  • Two wheels
  • Extension axle
  • One 4m hose
  • One gas bottle adaptor
  • One igniter

Orders from Australia and New Zealand will receive the 2022 model with the three possible set ups included in one box.
Orders from United States and Canada will receive the 2021 model, with possibility of adding extension axle by the end of April 2022.
If you already purchased the 2021 model and would like to add the extension axle, contact us at

Incinerator Multi Operator manual v2022

Incinerator Multi Operator Manual v2021


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