Hand-E T (Trade): Electric Tractor, Skid Steer Loader, Farm Hand, Australian Made

AUD $34,850.00

Your best worker, for when it comes to getting the job done!

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The Hand-E is a world’s first in its class, creating a whole new category of tool.

It can be used from prepping beds for farming, to unloading semi trailers to autonomous missions where humans and internal combustion engines might be hazardous.

The Hand-E was born to fulfil a need, a real need in real work places today. It is a fully electric tool that boasts some impressive specs for its size, such as:

Engine type: PMDC 48V 3.1kW electric x4
Max HP: 8
APU max HP: 4 (optional)
4WD or Track option
Transmission: worm drive
Suspension: hydraulic (optional)
Battery capacity: 1-6 kW hrs (expandable)
Battery type: lithium iron phosphate
Run time: up to 3 days
Lift travel: 1700mm
Lift capacity: 350kg in the middle of the machine. Including the weight of the implement.
Max speed: 10 km/hr
Weight of vehicle with no accesories: 350 kg
Width: made to work with 30 inch / 76 cm beds.
Front Wheel/Tyre; Front 25x10-12 (255/65-12) Mud Claw (not for highway use).
Rear Wheel/Tyre; 13x4-6 Turf

Flame Weeder
Hay forks
Laydown deck
Levelling bar
Vehicle loading attachment

Auger (250mm diameter)
Ellia 6000 (shallow rotary hoe)
Flail mower
Power harrow


Made mainly of mild steel and 2 pack painted. It is designed and manufactured in Australia.


Negative carbon foot print, as entire manufacturing plant is off grid solar, and all future recharges can be made by renewable power.

Economical, with minimal ongoing maintenance (greasing joints and pivots) once you have bought it you are good to go for at least 5 years!

Labour Saving, all those jobs you had to lug heavy loads for you can now put on Hand-E and he can do the hard work for you.


  • Versatile for a wide scope of jobs
  • Electric
  • Ergonomic
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Negative carbon footprint.
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia.


  • 1x Hand-E
  • 1x battery 60Ah x 48V
  • 1x charger
  • 1x controller
  • Drive type, accessories and implements according to customers choice.

Not for highway use


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