Ellia 3000 – Kits: Precision Depth Tilther, Mulcher, Bed Former, Australian Made

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Your ‘go-to’ multi-tool for soil preparation.


The Ellia 3000 is a multi-tool with interchangeable attachments that allows you to fulfil the main tasks of soil preparation in one compact unit powered by a battery drill.


Made mainly of stainless steel for resistance and durability, it is designed and manufactured in Australia.


Versatility and durability.
The main benefit of the Ellia 3000 is its interchangeable implements which enable you to fulfil a variety of tasks that normally would require a number of pieces of equipment, generating much higher investment costs or demanding significant time for manual completion of those tasks.
Durability means you will enjoy a good quality tool for many years.


  • Interchangeable attachments (Bed Former, Mulcher, Scratcher)
  • Powered by a battery drill
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Precision depth control

The Ellia 3000 allows for three different attachments plus two precision depth rollers. (USA customers will get slightly different attachments that are shown in the photos)

  • Bed Former attachment: for weeding and forming your paths/beds.
  • Mulcher attachment: for mulching old crops.
  • Scratcher attachment: the mini rotary hoe only scratches up to 120 mm leaving a nice finished soil ready to plant
  • Precision Depth Roller: Each Roller has seven adjustable depth positions.

Each Ellia 3000 allows for two roller attachments, one in the front, one in the back. The same roller can be used in  both positions.
When using the Ellia 3000 with two rollers, you'll have precise depth control.

The Ellia 3000 is symmetrical in design. This means the roller can be attached to the front or the back, and the machine employed walking forwards or backwards.


  • Adjustable sliding top handle bar
  • Adjustable 5-position angle of handle
  • Precision drill activation trigger on handle


  • Ellia 3000 Full kit: Includes the Ellia 3000 base machine, mulcher attachment, bed former attachment, scratcher attachment and two precision depth rollers.
  • Ellia 3000 Precision Depth Scratcher Kit: includes the Ellia 3000 base machine, scratcher attachment and two precision depth rollers.

PLEASE NOTE that drill is not included in this price. We recommend the use of good quality drills like Makita, Milwaukee or Dewalt. We do NOT recommend this tool be used to break up virgin soil that has never been cultivated before. The Ellia 3000 is not designed for that purpose. The Ellia 3000 will handle it but your drill may well sustain damage.

Ellia 3000 Operator Manual v2022


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