Cyber Clydesdale’s Tool Bar & Tools

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Make your own tool bar kit for the Cyber Clydesdale!

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Choose the components you need and make your own tool bar kit for the Cyber Clydesdale.

TOOL BAR BASE: this is the main bar that attaches to the Cyber Clydesdale's hitch. It has 10 holes to adjust the position of your tool bar off shoot (closer or further from the Cyber Clydesdale) or to use more than one tool bar off shoot at once.

TOOL BAR OFF SHOOT: this is where your tools attach to. You can choose from 600mm, 900mm or 1200mm long.

CLAMPS: You need one clamp to hold each tool that you would like to use at once. Choose 40mm clamp for tools that you would like to attach to the base bar, choose 50mm clamps for tools that you would like to attach to the off shoot bar.

FINGER WEEDER: Finger weeders uproot small and just emerging weeds.

HILLER DISCH: The hiller disc forms a hill in one direction. It is usually used in a set of two for forming your beds.

HILLER: The hiller forms hills on both sides of the tool.

BED FORMER (SET OF TWO): for forming your beds, you can choose between 400mm or 500mm wide.

UNDER CUTTER TOOL (250MM): for cutting weeds at the root.

UNDER CUTTER TOOL BAR / ROOT CROP LIFTER (800MM): for crop termination and root crop lifting, like carrots, potatoes, garlic, etc.

TINE WEEDER: the tine/wire weeder disrupts weeds on the thread stage before they emerge. You run directly on top of you crop. It is 1000mm long.

GUIDE WHEEL: the guide wheel attaches to the back of the base bar and keeps the tool bar from making too sharp turns and ruining your crops. You need a 40mm clamp to hold it to the base bar.