Cyber Clydesdale X4 – Mow More Combo: Fully Electric Solar Charged Ride-on Zero-Turn Mower, Australian Made

AUD $16,990.00

Your fully electric two wheel tractor, turned into a zero-turn mower that charges as you go!

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The Cyber Clydesdale is a fully electric two wheel tractor designed specially for small scale farmers to help in everyday chores around the farm. It is lightweight, compact in size and unique in its kind!

But in this Mow More Combo, we have turned it into a zero turn electric mower that charges itself as you go!

With the driver seat, this Combo is easy to drive having the controls on both armrests; with upgraded controls to give optimum steering, and with the solar panel roof, you are not only protected from the sun while mowing, you are also charging the Cyber Clydesdale as you mow, so you can virtually keep mowing for ever!

Clearance width: approx. 700mm / 27 inches
Engine type: 2 x 2kW BLDC motors
APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) max HP: 3
Transmission: worm drive
Battery capacity: 2.88 kW hrs
Battery type: lithium iron phosphate
Run time: up to a week
Max speed: 10 km/hr
Weight of vehicle with no accessories: approx. 100 kg
Wheels and Tyres: 6 x studs, 160mm Centre to Centre with 16mm bolt holes.  Mud Tyre 650x16 (not for highway use).



  • 1x Cyber Clydesdale X4
  • 1x battery 60Ah x 48V
  • 1x charger
  • One operator seat with controls on armrests.
  • Mower deck
  • Solar panel roof

Compatible Accessories (Non-powered) available to purchase separately:
Axle Extensions
Flat bed trailer
Tool bar & tools
Finger weeder
Hiller disc
Bed former
Under cutter tool
Under cutter tool bar / root crop lifter
Tine weeder
Guide wheel

Compatible Implements (Powered) available to purchase separately:
Ellia (shallow rotary hoe) 780 or 1200 mm wide
Flail mower 760 or 900 mm wide
Power harrow 780 mm wide
Tipping trailer - Compost spreader (0.5 cubic metres of capacity)

Compatible Electrical accesories available to purchase separately:
Extra battery
5kW Victron 240V Invertor


Made mainly of mild steel and 2 pack painted. It is designed and manufactured in Australia.


Negative carbon foot print, as entire manufacturing plant is off grid solar, and all future recharges can be made by renewable power.
Economical, with minimal ongoing maintenance.


  • Electric
  • Ergonomic
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Negative carbon footprint.
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia.

Not for highway use


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