Weed burner

Powerful weed burning equipment for every situation

At Curly’s Ag, we design and manufacture a range of powerful and efficient weed burning equipment to help you keep your weeds under control.


The use of heat to kill weeds is not a new idea. It has been used since early last century in sorghum and cotton fields. They fell out of vogue with the introduction of selective herbicides. Popularity has increased since the 1980’s, especially with organic farmers who understand the benefits of non-toxic weeding in their farming systems. 

Flame weeding is not designed to burn the weeds to a crisp but by rapidly heating them, destroying the cell structure of the plant itself. With no energy put towards growth, the plant will wilt and die. 

The application of this technique is slightly complex so here is a downloadable document with eight hot tips for getting the most out of our Weed Burners. 

Let us help you win your battle against weeds!


The most powerful weed burner on the market.










The Weed Wand will help you get weeds under control like never before. This single torch burner tool is designed to suit the home gardener through to the small-scale grower. It is manoeuvrable and lightweight yet very powerful piece of equipment.

The unique expansion burner head preheats the LPG gas prior to igniting, increasing heat and efficiency, making the Weed Wand the most powerful weed burner on the market. It generates 500,000 BTU per hour.

The Economiser Trigger provides control over LPG gas consumption and safety. Put the flame on idle when moving around your garden but you haven’t finished the job; return to full strength by pressing the Economiser Trigger when the flame is required again. This reduces fuel consumption and increases safety.

What’s Included:

1 x Weed Wand

1 x 4m hose

1 x LPG gas bottle adaptor / fitting                  

1 x Igniter


This weed burner with swivel head covers anything from 50mm to 750mm wide.





50-750mm COVERAGE





Our Incinerator Multi has the versatility to cover all widths between 750mm down to a 50mm of burn. This is the world-first swivel head.

The swivel head enables great manoeuvrability and for a great variety of applications to control your weeds, from garden beds to tidying path edges, under fences, around orchards and anything in between.

Both the width coverage and the angle of the flame are adjustable.

Our products make your weeding chores a pleasure. Employing accurate laser technology, we have developed a tubular all-in-one burner-injector construction to create a straight blade of flame that heats everything in its path.

What’s Included:

1 x Incinerator Multi

1 x 4m hose

1 x LPG gas bottle adaptor / fitting             

1 x Igniter


incinerator multi flame weed burner
weed wand weed burner


Do you have weed burners in stock?

Yes. We usually keep plenty in stock all the time. Unless otherwise indicated on our website, you are safe to order online now.

How long until you ship them?

We usually dispatch all our shipments every Monday and Thursday. That makes a handling time of 1 to 3 days, depending on when you ordered.

How do weed burners work?

Weed burners kill a plant by rapidly heating it, which destroys the cell structure of the plant itself. With no energy put towards growth, the plant will wilt and die. This process happens even if the plant has not been burnt to a crisp.

Is weed burning better than poisons?

Weed burning is extremely effective for killing weeds and it is better for the environment over poisons and harsh chemicals which can contaminate your soil and ground water.

Are weed burners safe?

Like anything that uses a flame there are some precautions that the user needs to take when using a weed burner, however YES! Weed burners are safe. Please, always follow the safety precautions detailed in our manuals, and if you are concerned about starting a fire, we recommend having a hose or fire extinguisher handy.

Does weed burning hurt the soil?

No, there is no evidence of weed burning being bad for or hurting your soil. Moreover, soil is a great heat insulator so our weed burners will only kill what has been in direct contact with the flame. Your soil’s worms and micro-organisms under the surface are safe.

Why is the Weed Wand so short?

The handle of the Weed Wand might seem short at first glance, but this is to allow for the length of the flame itself, which otherwise will be too close to the ground.

Why is your Weed Wand more expensive than the single torch weed burners that can be found online and retailer warehouses?

Our Weed Wand is the most efficient and powerful single torch weed burner on the market. This is because of its particular design, that allows for the LPG gas to be preheated before igniting, thus increasing the amount of heat per amount of gas consumed. Our Weed Wand generates 500,000 BTU per hour.

It is also made out of stainless steel, making it rust resistant and it is made in Australia.

Why are your Incinerator Multi and Incinerator Mini cheaper than the equivalent weed burners available for market gardeners?

By innovation and design, we have been able to reduce many individual and expensive parts from our Incinerator models, which allow us to reduce the price without compromising on quality and effectiveness. Our all-in-one tubular burner-injector is the only one on the market that creates a TRUE blade flame, rather than using an accessory shroud over individual burners with the intention of directing the flame into a ‘similar’ blade shape.

Does the LPG bottle come with your weed burners?

No, our weed burners do not include the LPG bottle. You need to source this on your own. Our weed burners work with standard LPG bottles found in Australia and America.