Electric farm tractors

Farmers are increasingly interested in sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives. Due to this, many have decided to replace their traditional fuel-engine tractors with electric equivalents to perform the same tasks without polluting emissions.

The electric tractors are here to stay and their advantages are unquestionable.

Electric tractors perform great in the field

Some farmers might think that an electric vehicle would not perform as well as a fuel-powered one, particularly those heavy tasks frequent in the farms. This is simply not true. With the latest advances in motors and batteries, modern electric-powered tractors have just as much carrying and pulling power as their gas or diesel fuelled counterparts.

For example, the Cyber Clydesdale, our electric two wheel tractor, has been especially designed to allow small farmers and market gardeners to use a wide range of implements suited to their needs in everyday work situations.

Some tasks that every farmer should be able to do with an electric tractor:

  • Spread compost evenly.
  • Prepare garden beds.
  • Mow lawns.
  • Eliminate weeds.
  • Cultivate between rows.
  • Carrying or dragging objects.
  • Using the battery as a source to feed other electric tools.

Equipment makers include all kinds of accessories and adapters that allow the farmer to perform multiple tasks during a working day. This means saving money in the long run, since it won’t be necessary to buy additional tools if everything can be done with the same machine.

Unlike diesel tractors, electric-powered ones are far more efficient, as they reach their maximum power and torque immediately, while the former will only do so when the engines have reached a certain number of rpm.

And speaking about autonomy, some electric-powered tractors reach up to 3 or even 5 hours of continuous work. And what’s more, there are models whose high-capacity batteries allow up to 3 days without recharging.

What to consider when choosing an electric tractor

Farm work involves heavy tasks most of the time, so a versatile and reliable tractor is an essential tool to perform all of them in shorter times and with less human effort.

The Hand-E is a world-first in its class, and creates a whole new category of tools. It can be used from preparing beds for farming, to unloading goods in tight spaces (up to 200kg of lifting capacity at a time) to autonomous missions at places where sending humans and internal combustion engines might be dangerous.

However, to take full advantage of the potential and benefits of these powerful machines, it is crucial to consider some important details when choosing what best suits the farmer’s needs:

  • Terrain extension and condition. Large areas and rugged terrain require a big, powerful tractor with great autonomy, or the work will be unproductive and endless. On the contrary, a large machine in a small space is a waste of power and functionality.
  • Ergonomics. A well-cushioned, comfortable seat is a must in a vehicle where the operator will be working for long periods of time. Besides, easy-to-use controls and good visibility are key features as well.
  • Traction: For working on large or uneven terrain, it is best to have four-wheel drive.
  • Autonomy. This is important to ensure a good vehicle performance. The battery must be able to complete a full task without the need for recharging. Besides, in areas where there’s no electrical supply nearby, autonomy becomes vital.