Flail Mower

USD $3,200.00

Cyber Clydesdale Flail Mower (two sizes)

Flail Mower 760 – Dimensions: 760mm long by 700mm wide and 520mm high

Flail Mower 900 – Dimensions: 900mm long by 700mm wide and 520mm high


The Flail Mower is perfectly suited for the Cyber Clydesdale, it comes in two sizes the 760 and the 900.
Made from Mild Steel with the Housing and Roller made from Aluminium Alloy, it is two pack painted and is designed and manufactured in Australia.

An essential tool for those farmers / gardeners that want to clear their old crop quickly and turn it into mulch nourishing the soil.

Approx. 6 different height settings, giving you many options for prepping your beds

Tines are made from Hardox 450 and are abrasion resistant. The Flail mower is also water resistant (IP65) rated.

The Flail Mower has its own gearbox and 3kw motor, easy to set the speed you require on your contollers, with a reverse mode as well.


  • 1x Flail Mower




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