Cyber Clydesdale

The electric two wheel tractor that you will fall in love with.

Electric power at your fingertips

The Cyber Clydesdale is our fully electric power source specially designed for small scale farmers and market gardeners to operate a wide range of attachments suited to your needs and circumstances. 


    kWh battery

    kw of drive

    km/h max speed

    nm of torque

    Motor: 2 x 2kW BLDC motors | Transmission: worm drive reduction gear box | Axle configuration: independently powered | Speed variation: infinite variable speed control from 0 – 10 km/h | Standard wheel/tyre size: 6.50-16” | Weight: approx. 100kg without implements | Battery: 2.88 kWh 150 Amp maximum discharge current | Steering: skid steer | Working decibels: 10


    The Cyber Clysdesdale is a premium tool designed specially for small scale farmers to help in everyday chores around the farm. It is lightweight, compact in size and unique in its kind!

    With it’s 2.88 kWh interchangable battery it allows for up to 10 hours of driving time, over 300 square meters of power harrowing or an hour of flail mowing. And if that’s not enough you can swap the battery and keep going!

    The Cyber Clydesdale boasts 4kW of drive power and 300Nm at each axle.

    In the family garden as well as in the commercial market garden the Cyber Clydesdale is the tool that you would use for everything: carrying things around, forming and preparing your garden beds, spreading compost, mowing, cultivate between rows to eliminate weeds, terminating cover crops – there is even an inverter that can be added to use your battery as a power source for any task around the farm!

    Designed for efficiency, long life, and easiness of use, this equipment is a great investment for those interested in electric machinery with a wide range of attachments and applications.


    Two electric motors, one for each wheel.
    Top speed of 10km/h adjustable by thumb dial (no clutch, gears required).
    Adjustable handle bar.
    Forward and reverse driving directions.
    Reversable handle (360°) and reverse driving mode.
    Double implement hitch, one at the back and one at the front.
    Free movement handle.
    Infinite variable speed control for each implement and reversable implement direction.
    Simple ON / OFF switch.


    Designed for versatility, these are the attachments available for the Cyber Clydesdale to date. 

    More info coming soon
    Flat bed trailer

    More info coming soon
    Hiller disc

    More info coming soon
    Flail mower

    More info coming soon

    More info coming soon
    Tool bar

    More info coming soon
    Under cutter tool

    More info coming soon
    Power harrow

    More info coming soon

    More info coming soon
    Finger weeder

    More info coming soon

    More info coming soon
    Tipping trailer

    More info coming soon
    Tine weeder


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    1. Micah – Neighbourhood Farm

    The Cyber Clydesdale it’s really easy to use, easy to steer and it’s really responsive to the controls. It’s a lot quieter, obviusly, and it doesn’t sting. It’s really nice to use a machine like that, it’s not a pain.

    I have found that the power harrow has actually done a much better job than what we get with our BCS. It’s really easy to keep it on the bed (you are not fighting the machine the whole time). You steer it along with your thumb and the finish of the bed is actually pretty good, we will be planting straight into it.

    2. Matt – Neighbourhood Farm

    I think the Cyber Clydesdale‘s ability to manoeuvre is really good, and also it’s quite high, so it’s ability to really get over different terrain has made it easier in the difficult conditions of our market garden at the moment, since it has been raining for the last two months straight. So it works with the conditions.

    3. Sam – Neighbourhood Farm

    My favourite feature of the Cyber Clydesdale is the simplicity of its controls. Everything is nice and easy to read, easy to manage, easy to use.


    What's the Cyber Clydesdale's lead time?

    We keep all the Cyber Clydesdale‘s parts in stock but we assemble to order. From when you put the order through to dispatch, it would take approximately from 2 to 6 weeks (depending on the implements). Then you need to add the shipping time according to your location.

    Do we ship worldwide?

    Yes. We manufacture the Cyber Clydesdale in Queensland (Australia), however we are happy to send it worldwide. Contact us if you would like us to get a shipping quote to your location.

    What technical support do you offer?

    Being a small family business means we are only able to offer our support remotely. This may include advise on how to use our products, help with assembly and assistance with replacements or repairs. While we strive to be always open to comunicate with our customers and guide them as necessary, customers may be required to conduct repairs themselves under our guidance.

    Cyber Clydesdale Gallery

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    Still have questions?

    No worries! Contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.