About us

Creativity and technology making agriculture sustainable.

We are an Australian family business that designs, manufactures, and distributes tools and equipment. Our designs solve the daily challenges we face in agriculture to accelerate  efficiency and production.

Our family runs a market garden. Our challenges and the needs we did not have a solution for when we started, encouraged us to have a go, to look for solutions for ourselves. Now we enjoy sharing problems and solutions with others. We have committed ourselves and our business to be the helping hand that every farmer needs.

Curly, Marta and little Ellia who sadly passed away in July 2020 – Founders of Curly’s Ag.

Our philosophy

Productive. Efficient. Time saving. Cost effective. Sustainable.


As entrepreneurs, we have been involved in many different businesses over the years, mainly to avoid relying on just one source of income in this constantly changing world.

The relentless pace of change is why time is our most important resource. And we know that most farmers don’t have the privilege to be farming full time. This means having the right tools to make  production more efficient, is a key to our success and that of other small-scale farmers.

Every one of our products is designed with this principle in mind: a clear focus on improving efficiency. At the same time we aim to find the balance between the cost and the time-saving capabilities of each of our products.

Central to our values is that our products are sustainable and promote sustainable farming practices. As a matter of fact, all our tools are manufactured in a workshop run 100% on solar electricity. We are proud that our production processes create no harmful bi-products. Plus, our tools are built to last for many years.

Australian owned and operated
Australian designed and manufactured
Quality and innovation you can rely on

Our passion

Country Living & Self-Sufficiency.


We are extremely passionate about country living and all that it involves; from gardening to every manual skill.

We believe is important to empower people to grow their own food to be able to live self- sufficiently and enjoy the freedom it gives to not be dependent on others for our basic needs.

Cathy, Josh, Curly, Marta, little Ariana & Shyla – The Curly’s Ag team (2022).


What challenges hold you back on your farm? What are the blocks to better sustainability, improved production?

Do you need a tool for a particular job? Do you need a tool tweaked or improved?

Share your story with us, together we can solve it.

We’d love to hear from you. Together we grow!